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House Captains

We have four 'Houses' in our school: Fire, Water, Air and Earth, which all the pupils are placed in to (we try and keep siblings in the same house).

We use these teams to collect Housepoints over the week and at the end of the week they are counted up and the winning team receives extra playtime equipment as a reward. Housepoints are awarded for a variety of reasons: good manners, participating in dicussions, being helpful and kind, very good class work etc.

In order for Houses to be the best they can be, we elect two Year 6 pupils to become Housecaptians for each house. The Housecaptains monitor their teams, help staff and during team building/challenge days such as Sports Day and Christmas Jumper Day they would take a lead role in supporting and encouraging their teams.

Housecaptains are: responsible, independent, helpful, friendly, kind, good communicators, enthusiastic, approachable, hard-working, caring team players. They uphold the school rules and values and are committed to being the best they can be.

In September, Year 6 pupils have the opportunity to apply to be a Housecaptain by filling out an application form which gives details about the pupil as well as examples of when they have demonstrated the skills needed to be a Housecaptain. These applicants are then shortlisted, with the finalists introducing themselves to the rest of the school during assembly and pitching why they should be elected as Housecaptain. The pupils in each house I asked to vote, democratically, on whom they would like to represent their house.